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The main idea of this project is to promote a coherent governance framework based on ordenación del territorio and management practices capable of providing sustainable development.


Following the general lines laid down the main aim of the project is to raise awareness among local agents about the significant increases in the land degradation in recent decades in the Mediterranean area and the long-term negative consequences this has in Europe has for sustainability and competitiveness. This will enable technical and operational tools based on reducing land consumption to be adopted and so protect and enhance natural heritage and improve the quality of life. 

The project is in line with the aims of the "Proposal of the European Parlaiment andCouncil Directive, which establishes a framework for land protection. This is amended under Directive 2004/35/EC", which states: "Land is a resource of interest for the Community, although mainly of private ownership, and if it is not protected, long-term sustainability and competitiveness in Europe will be undermined ".

The key idea of the project js that sustainable land use should be a priority of actions by local administrators. Three lines of intervention are identified:

  1. To raise awareness among local agents in the various contexts of society using local experiences; provide evidence of land degradation by controlling land consumption through the use of specific tools; monitor and assess the outcomes of the decisions taken in the past on urban development, land use and territorial planning.
  2. The development of operative tools that reveal the relation between land consumption and territorial zoning policies. These tools seek to reflect how land consumption is linked to decisions and that without specific policies the consequence for land degradation will continue to increase. The tools enhance existing criteria and enable territorial management policies to continue in the line of sustainable development.
  3. Wide scale diffusion of this information through local and economic agents (Chambers of Commerce, businesses, etc), environment and citizen protection agents. The information system developed under the project show as a balance between economic development and the protection of the environment.


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