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Conferencia Nacional en Malta


Date: 03/05/2013

The Pembroke Local Council has organised the OSDDT National Conference that has presented the project themes, reached results and future opportunities, in cooperation with the involved public Authorities.

As part of the capitalization and the implementation of OSDDT in Malta, the conference has provided the opportunity to actively contribute and highlight the views and ideas toward the sustainable development of local rural areas and preservation of the fertile soil.

During OSDDT National Conference, also a brief and interactive discussion among the participants has been stimulated through round tables, which results will be presented during the final press-conference that will conclude the event.

Further information here:

Agenda:  www.osddt.eu/uploadfotos/OSDDT - Malta National Conference Agenda.pdf

Poster: www.osddt.eu/uploadfotos/OSDDT - Malta National Conference poster.jpg